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Alex the Medium

Spiritual Advisor


About Me

I am a natural born medium and have been communicating with my spirit guide, Kazoo, since childhood. By using enlightenment from the spiritual world, I help people who are open to growth receive counsel to nurture and expand their life paths. 

My goal is to create clarity through spiritual guidance; making happiness and abundance a reality in your life. 

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Who is Kazoo? 

Kazoo is a spirit guide I've been speaking too since the age of 4. He is not someone I knew in this lifetime, so he asked "child me" to call him whatever I liked, A child's whim, but a name befitting of his jest and charm that "adult me" lives with.


How does a reading work?

When we come together for a session, I immediately begin consulting Kazoo, guides that have come specifically for you, and any higher beings in the spirit world who have valuable information for you. Simply put, a reading is a discussion between you, the guides and I. We cover topics you have prepared to discuss while keeping it fluid so as to invite new ideas in as well. A reading is a conversation.


Why are initial sessions 90 minutes? 

For years my sessions had been an hour. I kept finding after the session that 20-30 minutes would pass.  It would mainly be the client finishing final thoughts or asking questions about the info that was received during the session. I now ensure 90 minutes as a way to make sure the proper amount of time is blocked out and to respect everyone’s time. 


How can I prepare to get the most out of a reading?

Come to the session with an open heart and mind. Come with positivity and hope. Have questions/topics ready to discuss. Come willing to accept answers you may have not considered but that could help shed light onto your path. I recommend either taking notes or audio recording our session, or both! 

Can I speak to specific loved ones who have passed?

We can certainly try. At times guides reveal themselves right away but sometimes Kazoo or higher beings speak first. The simple answer is, If there's someone you'd like to speak to, just ask!


Can I have a session even if I'm not in NYC?

Absolutely! In fact, over 50 % of my sessions are done via Skype/FaceTime. A session can even be done via phone call if that's what makes you most comfortable.


Where does a session take place in NYC?

In-person sessions take place in a public forum such as a cafe. I have several I frequent that are cozy with AMAZING coffee!

Do you speak/give readings in other languages?

Si! I'm bilingual and am fluent in Spanish

"There is a crack in everything.

That’s how the light gets in."

- Leonard Cohen



NEW!!! 60 Minute Private Session

All sessions done via Skype/Facetime. In-person sessions available for Central NY area


90 Minute Private Session 

All sessions done via Skype/Facetime. In-person sessions available for Central NY area


Add Additional People to A Session

(Up to 3 Persons Total) 

$100/per person

Immediate Express Readings

(Booked within 24hrs of session, By Skype/FaceTime or Phone Only) 


Group Readings/Private Parties 

Home sessions/parties for Syracuse and Central NY area, email for further details

$400 and up, 

based on location & number of people

30 Minute Session 

Up to 3 topics covered.  (By Skype/FaceTime or Phone Only)



NEW!!! ZOOM Group Sessions!

(minimum of 6 people required, up to 10 guests)



Appointments confirmed only upon receiving full payment or deposit.

Please be advised, when making an appointment I may be booked up to one month in advance.

Payment is received via Venmo app. 

It may take up to 24 hours for me to confirm an appointment after payment is received. 

All cancellations must occur 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time or you will be assessed a $100 cancellation fee for one hour appointment or $50 fee for half hour appointments.

Failure to attend an in-person or Skype/Facetime/phone appointment without ANY notice is considered a no-show. There are no refunds on no-shows. However, rescheduling is possible if contacted by the end of the business day of scheduled appointment.

*The information received during a session should NOT be substituted for any professional medical, legal, financial or psychiatric advice. 



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